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Since founded in 2000, we focus on the high-end electrical products research and development, production and application, to provide customers with professional electrical products and value-added electrical application solutions. Products related to switch, socket, extension cord, distribution box, circuit breaker, exhaust fan, Electrical Insulating Tapes, swell plastic button, lamp holder and other electronic parts. SHIEN brand's product has covered home lighting, office lighting, industrial lighting and so on several big application field.

    The company fully implement ISO9001:2008 international quality management system, products through the CCC and ICC professional certification, with independent development department, design department, engineering department, the department of mold machining center, hardware, electronic devices, material control department, molding department, production department, quality department, and automated production lines, complete product research and development and deep processing ability;
Sustainable Development Strategies Centered on Customer Needs

Keeping customers’ needs in mind, we have steered multiple user-friendly innovations and strived to find safer and more efficient solutions to improve user experience and to develop new technologies and products catered to customer needs. We will continue to focus on environment-friendly production, sustainable development and low-carbon life, providing products and services that are "green, smart and trendy".

Employee Care Policies

Recognizing that employees are the primary driving force for a corporation’s development, we have created a scheme that values our employees’ personal development and career goals. Our promotion mechanism based on very reasonable remunerations and benefits and fairness has attracted many dedicated young people who love their career. these young people are full of passion and ambition and are ready to step up to the plate.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a socially responsible company, We has actively participated in public service activities in an effort to help build a better society with its public contribution. Through years of such efforts, we has been able to present itself as a socially compassionate and inspiring business brand inChina. We believe that the social value created by entrepreneurship can provide a better quality life featuring intelligence-based comfort, and we are working hard to reach this goal.

We will keep innovating and refining our business philosophies, development strategies, R&D capacities, brand building campaigns, and operation models. We will continue to provide comprehensive electrical power connection solutions to help enable hundreds of millions of families to live an intelligent, comfortable and convenient life.